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Is there a “220” version of the Vitalizer Plus™ for consumers outside the US?

Yes, the Vitalizer Plus™ is available worldwide. Vortex Water Technology makes a 220-volt version – one with 2 round plugs and one specifically for the UK with 3 rectangular plugs.

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  1. Does the VitalizerPlus spin clockwise or counterclockwise ??

    • Vitalizer Plus, inc. Vitalizer Plus, inc. says:

      The Vitalizer Plus spins counter clockwise under normal operation. Thanks for the question.

  2. What about Japan, do you have a machine that will work in Tokyo?

    • Vitalizer Plus, inc. Vitalizer Plus, inc. says:

      Yes. in Japan the power is the same as in the states the only difference is the cycles per second which is minimally different. and depends on where in japan you are located. if you are in an area that is on 60 cps. one of our units for the US will work for you just as it would here. if in an area the is on 50 cps we would recommend getting a converter just to be on the safe side because the slower cycle could make the unit run at a decreased rate and then you would not get the benefits it was designed to offer. But the 110-120 V version of the machine is what you want to get. great question.Thanks.

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