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What kind of minerals are in the mineral cube?

Calcium is the most predominant mineral in the mineral cube. It is provided from coral calcium—a natural form of calcium and other minerals. Coral calcium also contains other minerals in a balanced blend provided by nature. Tourmaline is also included because it adds negative ions and far infrared frequencies that resonate with the frequency of the water. It naturally alkalizes the water and helps to structure the water.


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      • It can also dilute your system to such a degree as to cause stomach discomfort and damage to vital organs. What you are missing here is the bodies necessity for salts to be able to continue processing important messages. Now if you are on a high sea salt diet you would have little to no problems. But if you are on a low or restricted salt diet and are taking distilled water without any salts or minerals you could conceivably cause your self more harm, then good. Also distilled water is not as energizing as vitalized water because it has not been oxidized or run through a vorticity, spin cycle to re-energize it and it has not received far infrared waves either nor has it been introduced to magnetic field. all of which are what brings life to a natural spring. basically, although your water is very pure, it is still dead water. Thank you for your comment.

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    • Glad we could help. could you expand on your comment further.

    • i stand by my 24 year long experience with no ill effects as well as the idea that vitamin supplements with minerals counteract the weak soil effect also i have read other experts opinions suggesting Mercola’s opinion is untrue.

      • We thank you for your well intentioned experience but since you have claimed that Mercola’s opinion is untrue we would like to know which opinion your talking about. We admit and understand that know one is 100% correct all the time and we put them to the test if something is frivolously stated and request them to cite the actual documents from which they have gained the information. You are welcome to do the same here. That way we can research the issue itself and find out who is right. A generalized comment such as yours, does not address any particular document on our site. And, as such, does not offer supportive or non supportive information. We do believe that city water leaves much to be desired as well as well water due to the lack of fresh water streams and that is why we offered Dr. Mercola’s video’s on filtration systems. We don’t endorse his systems but we appreciate the need for better filtration. We also don’t endorse Ionizers which is what, we have been told, Mercola has used for years. But his delivery of issues with water is still quite good. We are trying to teach about the water we all drink so no stone will be left unturned. Thank you for your comment.

  6. Dennis McDonnell says:

    Why is it that no one seems to address the issue of cleansing our water of flouride?

    It has been in our local water supply for about 18 months now, and I haven’t yet come across a flouride filter for our drinking water here in Australia. Since its introduction, I have experienced a massive increase in aches and pains in muscles and joints and arthritic type bone pains that are timely related to the flouride introduction. Add to that …mind fog bouts and fatigue and tiredness, and also bout on bout of flu which comes with varying symptoms and points to an overloaded immune system. I would have to include accelerated ageing and skin thinning, skin peeling on my feet with small deep blisters in some spots. It’s a long list, but they all started and coincide with flouride in our drinking water.

    Does the Vitalizer Plus remove flouride and chlorine?

    • Vitalizer Plus, inc. says:

      Fluoride is very difficult to remove from water and in particular a cities water system. This is because even in minute amounts it is still a toxin. Reverse osmosis is the only way that I know of at present. Here in America there is a strong contingency trying to get the regulations changed to make it illegal, but the clean up would be astronomical. You have our best wishes that Australia makes the right decision to stop the use and to attempt the clean up. Thank you for you input.

    • Vitalizer Plus, inc. says:

      I should add that distillation works with fluoride. it will remove the toxin from water, but you may have to run 2 cycles to eliminated it completely. Also, with reverse osmosis you will need to make sure that the system you purchase is designed to remove fluoride because fluoride is a very small molecule. which is the reason why its so hard to get rid of. Some systems will not block the fluoride from continuing through with the water.

  7. Do you make cubes without minerals in it?

    • Vitalizer Plus, inc. says:

      Mineral Cubes are designed for proper mineralization and to support the hexagonal structure of the water. if we made them without the minerals they would not be called mineral cubes. they would be empty mineral baskets. we do not recommend taking them apart either. thanks for the question strange though it may have seemed to us.

  8. Does the Mineral Cube replenish distilled water with all beneficial minerals in the Vitalizer Plus?

    • While the mineral cube does replenish the necessary minerals to maintain its hexagonal structure and several of the salts required for homeostasis it does not necessarily replace all of the minerals homo sapiens need. Because of the natural complexity of coral calcium the values may change a bit depending on the date harvested and the surrounding species and flora. But the minerals are present to some degree which can be increased by the addition Adya Clarity.

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