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What is the difference between the 3 time settings on the Vitalizer Plus™?

The Vitalizer Plus™ makes it easy to energize your water to a preferred level of energy – the longer the cycle – the greater the energy of the water. (Hexagonal Water has a tremendous capacity to store and transfer energy – much more so than regular water.) It is recommended that everyone begin with 9 minutes. This is the level at which all of our laboratory testing has been performed. At 9 minutes, NMR spectroscopy verifies that the water is hexagonally-structured. Dissolved oxygen testing shows increases of up to 30% oxygen. pH tests show significant alkalization and Kirlian photography reveals substantial energy enhancements. As you become accustomed to drinking more vitalized water, you may want to use the 18 or 27-minute cycles.


  1. If you’re willing to spend thousands on an alkaline water ionizer, which is certainly a way of adding to the many things you can do for your health. Water with an acid pH is very common and not good for you in general. Unless there is a serious disease, I suggest going with something a little cheaper than proper alkalinity will instead be heading the other end of the spectrum. Check out these articles and the water filter options on this page:

    • David we offer a system that is much cheaper then any ionizer. and for pennies a day you get hexagonal water which is living, energized naturally mineralized water that will restore your entire system to the type of hydrated health we should all have. unlike the ionizer which is water that has been electrocuted and is dead water. Acidic or alkaline or not. the inventor of the ionizer himself has stated that his product will only have limited benefit to the user. Also you never listed the the articles that you referred to so we have know idea what you are talking about. Please expand on your comment so we can offer a concise rebuttal. Thank you for your comment.

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